Consultancy and teaching

Teaching postgraduates on an innovative course

As faculty on an interdisciplinary course, I supervise postgraduates undertaking a doctorate in management. Conventional leadership and management programmes tend to concentrate on the predictable and idealised aspects of strategy and organising. In contrast, we encourage our students to take a critical perspective on these approaches and focus on how widespread change emerges as people interact in everyday local situations. Faculty have backgrounds in management, psychology, sociology/anthropology and philosophy, while students are senior managers or consultants from around the world.

Students look at relationships, meaning-making and practices within their own workplace with topics ranging from communication and power to identity and conflict. They write projects based on a mix of narrative, ethnography and analysis - it is intellectually demanding but the support students receive is unparalleled. We meet at four residential weekends a year as a community of researchers and their supervision is given at and between residentials in both learning sets of up to four students as well as one-to-one supervision. 

My students are currently looking at:

  • shame and power in facilitation in the voluntary sector
  • improvisation during change processes in the public sector
  • recognition and politics in international development 
  • power, belonging and recognition in talent management in the private sector

For more information contact our Director, Chris Mowles

Managing change

Between 2005-2011 I was Director of ChildHope. ChildHope is an INGO supporting national non-governmental organisations in Africa, Asia and South America to promote social justice for children and young people. In her time she doubled the income and programmes of ChildHope, enabling partners to reach far more children facing violence, stigma and poverty at home, in communities, on the streets and in prisons. Before ChildHope she was Director of the Centre for Research in Innovation and Science Policy (Hyderabad).

Grant-making policy

As a consultant I have advised grant makers, including the Big Lottery Fund (BIG), Baring Foundation, Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, and Comic Relief. In 1996 I developed BIG's first five year £120m international programme, designing the priorities and criteria for funding.

At the Overseas Development Institute I wrote a framework with John Young about improving links between research and policy (2002). This paper suggested that a better understanding of context, links between institutions, and communication of evidence, would bridge the gap between researchers and policy-makers or practitioners.

At ChildHope I worked with other NGOs, consultants and grant-makers to develop more effective approaches to funding, planning, and evaluation. We argued for greater flexibility, supporting decentralised innovation and learning, and a more respectful approach to partnership.

Evaluation and Advice

I have conducted reviews and evaluations for The Dutch Government, Womankind, DFID's Natural Resources Strategy Programme, International Forum for Rural Transport and Development and Practical Action.

I am or have been on the following Boards and Committees:


BBC Appeals Committee, Member (1994-1998); Friends of the Spafford Children’s Centre of Jerusalem, Trustee (1994-2009); New Lease Trust, Trustee (1996-1999); Intermediate Technology Development Group, Member (1996-2002, 2005-); Community Fund’s International Programme Advisory Panel, Member (1996-2002); World Development Movement, Fundraising Advisory Board, Member (1999-2005); Health Foundation International Committee, Member (2000-2004); Practical Action, Trustee (2007-2014); Practical Action Publications, Company Director (2009-2014); Health Poverty Action, Chair (2015-).


African Energy Policy Research Network’s Experts Panel, Member (2002-2005); South Asian Research Network on Law and Governance, Board Member (2003-); Associate Editor, Journal of Children’s Services (2008-); Gendered Ceremony and Ritual in Parliament Advisory Committee (2008-11); University of Bath’s Advisory Group on Well-being and Poverty Pathways (2011-); Study of Parliament Group; Association of Social Anthropologists Editorial Board (2012-); Advisory Panel, Sheffield Institute for International Development (2013-).